Mackinac Peaches, an indie-rock band from Detroit, Michigan, deliver a uniquely driven sound with elaborate high-end guitar shimmers, accentuated by multiple-part harmonies. By mixing folk, indie and experimental rock the band achieves a developed garage sound, from a tiny basement off of 14 mile road and Woodward. Through deep arpeggiated riffs and rhythms their songs increase in heaviness and intensity.

The band consists of John O’Neill (vocals, percussion), Adam Seme (stringed instruments, vocals, engineer), Joey Petruska (stringed instruments, keyboards, vocals), Kevin Lernowich (keyboards, vocals) and Joe McCormick (bass). After many years of knowing each other and their respective talents, they decided to form Mackinac Peaches in 2012.

All of their music is proudly written, produced, recorded, engineered and mastered by themselves in their basement. Even this website, including the artwork, was created in their basement!

Floating Fever (579) (192 kbps)


Update (3/25/14):
Our first ever album is out now! We are thrilled to share it with you! You can purchase our album on iTunes, Amazon and many other online retailers! Thanks for listening!


Update (3/19/14):Mackinac_Peaches_Art
We are proud to announce we have just signed a publishing deal with Gas Can Music! For information regarding licensing, please contact

To make it even better, we’ve released our album artwork! We’re super excited, and can’t wait for you to hear the whole album! And to those who have been waiting patiently, vinyls are on the horizon!

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We really appreciate you taking the time to listen the songs we create in our basement. We love providing our music for free on the website; but if you would like to donate to the Mackinac Peaches we have provided a few donation options below. Thanks!

To those who have already donated; do not worry, we will hold our promise to deliver! Keep checking back for more updates. Feel free to email or post questions on our Facebook page!

Contact Information:

Our music is now available for licensing. Please contact
for more information!

Phone: Adam @ 248-218-0183


Commonly misspelled as Mackinaw Peaches.