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PJ's Lager House - 3/1/13

Welcome to the Peach Crate! As a special thanks for donating to our project, we have created a special page to showcase what we are currently working on. Beware, some of these recordings may be incomplete and/or very rough as they are early in the development stages. Some of these songs may never even make it to production. Thanks again for donating!

This was the first song we ever wrote and recorded; a song about Spaghetti.


Devil’s Eye
This was the first demo of Devil’s Eye. John recorded this one Saturday morning by himself. With his limited knowledge of guitar chords he stumbled across something he loved. The band loved the song so much and started further developing the song.


A Letter to Jack
One of the songs we developed after a long night of jamming.


Sands of Time
A song Adam and Joey wrote together one night.
Take 1

Kevin then later wrote a great chorus, check it out at 1:05!
Take 2


Just a little underground rock sound; wait for John to come in with a killer vocal part. I hear a bit of Jack White influence in here!


Creativity Returns
After a few weeks of some writer’s block, one morning Adam and John wrote this.


Floating Fever
We probably worked on this song for three months. It has gone through countless changes and rewrites. Give these takes a listen, you’ll be very surprised of the development.

Take 1 –

Take 2 –

Take 3 –


River King
I sense some Rolling Stones influence!


My Oh My
Original take of My Oh My


Animals Cover – Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
A live take of the Animals into Floating Fever!


Third Eye Blind – I’ll Never Let You Go
There may have been some drinking involved in this one…with Joe McCormick on drums!


The Beatles – I’ve Got a Feeling
A crude take of one of Adam’s favorite Beatles’ songs.


Rain for Days
These are the original recordings of Joey’s Rain for Days.
Take 1

Take 2


Ordinary Lover
An original take of Ordinary Lover. This song hasn’t changed too much!

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